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Darius Marquis weaved RnB, Retro-Pop & Gospel into a Folklore Serenade with ‘Fairytales’

Like every good folk tale, Darius Marquis’ standout single, Fairytales, alters the mind through expansions of the imagination. The slick with soul and swathed with experimentation release exists between the borders of genres, exploring untrodden intersections of RnB, retro pop and gospel, allowing Fairytales to unravel as an exploratively sincere extension of candour.

Fairytales nuancedly exposits how stories shape our perceptions of the world while we’re too innocent to experience the unfair brutality of it only for those illusions to be shattered, one shot to the heart at a time. The Houston-based artist and producer charted these emotional themes with folk-esque eloquent ease, allowing the poetic fragments of introspection to flow throughout the hazy instrumental currents with melodious ease. With gospel infused into the grooves, the melodies endlessly ascend beneath Darius Marquis’ honeyed harmonies which bring luminescence to the most bitter-sweet facets of life.

If there was as much justice in the world as fairytales would have us believe, Marquis would be a #1 phenomenon.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Fine Wine: Darius Marquis sees that good life on Angels by the Ocean

Wondering when their next stimulating meeting shall be, Darius Marquis glances deep within the hearts of so many with the find-the-purpose soundtrack to put on by a warm fire called Angels by the Ocean.

Darius Marquis is a Houston, Texas-born indie RnB/soul artist who is an established multi-instrumentalist that fuses various elements of gospel, rock, pop and hip-hop.

At the age of 7, he played drums for his uncle’s church. A keyboard was given to him at the age of 8 and he taught himself how to play the piano by ear. After finishing Middle School band, he continued to refine his skills by studying music theory.” ~ Darius Marquis

He seems ready for it all. Darius Marquis showcases his supreme skill with an extraordinary song to soothe all tired hearts with a dynamic soundtrack for the ages. Gosh, this is a quality experience which might tickle ears and ease worries into the sky.

Angels by the Ocean by the soulfully charged creative rising great Darius Marquis is a rather wonderfully electric track which has been made to mesmerize even the weariest humans. Soaring with a heightened intellect and featuring some of the best solos imaginable, this is a must-listen if there ever was one.

With raw elements that can be refined, this is surely the kind of song which should give many goosebumps packed with intrigue.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DMK takes us ‘Higher’ with his alt-RnB single

With a similar tonal palette to the one used in Nirvana’s iconic track, Something in the Way, in addition to the faint reminiscences to Hozier, the up-and-coming independent RnB artist DMK, well and truly came into his own through his artfully experimental single, Higher.

We fully attest to the single’s ability to take you higher through the transcendental feel of the soundscape, which breaks through from the grungy indie guitars in the prelude. The calm and collected nature of the vocals makes it all too easy to meditate on the laidback lyrics that illuminate a more mindful way of living. For your own sake, make it a playlist staple. The hypnotic textures of the track have what it takes to strip ennui from the soul by sonically alluding to the emotional quiescence we should all be striving for. The Houston-hailing artist and producer is definitively one to watch.

Watch the official music video for Higher on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast