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Hanging by a Thread: Ariana Molkara senses they’re messing with her head on the outstanding I Don’t Wanna Drown

Feeling the space between herself and a lover who she loves but is worried about showing her true feelings for fear of rocking the boat overboard, Ariana Molkara sings with the kind of gloriously classy energy to put shivers on the spines of those who want to be happy in love on I Don’t Wanna Drown.

Ariana Molkara is a radiantly exceptional award-winning Los Angeles-based 19-year-old singer-songwriter, actress and UPenn Wharton ‘27 student who has that extra hunger in her sparkling eyes which has her believing in her abilities.

Previously known best for her roles in Septembers of Shiraz and as Darby in WARPED!, Ariana Molkara is utterly mesmerising on I Don’t Wanna Drown and might cause hearts to flutter in abundance. This is the kind of honest single with a breathtaking beat, to catapult emotions into a reflective gaze of wonder at what the possibilities could be.

I Don’t Wanna Drown from your new favourite Southern California-born pop/EDM singer and actress Ariana Molkara is a rather special effort from a massively talented creative. She puts her heart and soul into this one of the results are supremely excellent no matter what genre you usually consume.

Having that lifejacket close for two is always a smart idea.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen