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West London Rapper Alfie Wraps releases latest single ‘NRG’

Alfie Wraps’ new single N.R.G begins with a slightly eerie and mystical hollow whistle. It sounds like the tuning of an empty beer bottle. “Hullo? Where is this going?” The listener is bound to ask.
Almost immediately, you’re whisked back into Mr Wraps’ urban dimension where the steady drumbeat induces involuntary and cathartic head bopping. The rhythm and beat of this single is standard. Nothing new or inventive here. It’s the writing and lyrics of this piece that provides the kicker. Wraps declares himself and his material aspirations early on within the first few lines of this banger of a rap. He is quick to dismiss online pursuits as time wasting in favour of productivity for there are things to do and stuff to buy – like ice for all of his wives. “I don’t want a Ranger or a fat chain…” Alfie just wants to make it in this rap  industry. It is this confession that endears one to this beat bopping rap.
He’s being straight up with you. It is this humility that slides through the gritty bravado that makes this rap bold and real. Beware imitators and imitations he laments for it’s not worth getting dipped for cosmetic jewellery. “Save your energy for when you see me…” is the catchy refrain of this song. Watch out for Alfie Wraps. He’s definitely got the mettle to make it in this industry. N.R.G is an urban plea for hard work and originality and is destined to be a constant on any banger compilation.

Listen here.

Review by Annesh Ramklown.