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Danny Whacko is scintillatingly speculative in his latest rap track, I got a question… (Humble Thoughts)

Even though the muse evidently found rapper Danny Whacko before he polished off his latest single, I got a question… (Humble Thoughts), plenty of ruminative musing runs through the contemplative single, which speculates on how long it will be before the world wakes up to the injustice and takes collective action.

Philosophers have argued that it is the age of the individual, but the masses are all united with their heads in the sand to what is tearing through the lives victimised to systematic oppression. I got a question… (Humble Thoughts) is a sombre experience, lightened slightly through the gentle jazzy soulful beats, but there is no fully dampening the lyrical blows which pull all the punches on the apathetic. It’s a stunning release that will ensure your eyes are prised wide open.

The official music video for I got a question was released on April 7; view it on YouTube.

Amelia Vandergast