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Danny Mortimer revitalised alt-rock with his single, Opener

Danny Mortimer

There was no forgetting the Scottish melodic rock progressive Danny Mortimer after his haunting 2018 single, Anything But Silence. Discernibly, lockdown added even more virtuosic flair to his melodic ability; if his latest single, Opener, is anything to go by.

After a scuzzy hard-rock riff as a prelude, Opener unravels as a lyrically tender Trans-Atlantic time capsule to the 90s with hints of both Paul Draper and early FNM Mike Patton in the vocals that pour plenty of soul into the otherwise strident and emotionally-charged track.

Opener will be released on August 20th; check it out by heading to Danny Mortimer’s website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Danny Mortimer is back with new indie rock single ‘Just Like Before’

Blending heartfelt lyrics with big sing-along choruses the Moray based singer-songwriter Danny Mortimer has been attracting attention thanks to his music throughout Scotland and beyond. He returns with his new beautiful song called ‘Just Like Before‘.

The first in a series of double sided singles released by Danny Mortimer, with the B-Side ‘Another Light‘. This is an indie rocker who likes to get the vibe alive and he rocks in the door here with this new single. This is a message to enjoy the small things in life as one day you will realize that they were big moments in your life.

Just Like Before‘ from Danny Mortimer is the journey to find life’s fulfillment in doing the things we love. It feels like there are a few songs in one here which makes this such a fascinating listen. Finding our way through life with an energetic sound wins the day on this indie-pop single that has a positive message.

Head through to the YouTube page.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen