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Hoping This Isn’t A Faze: Danny Aro and Pucker party like it was 2019 again with ‘Saint Laurent Bad’

With a club-vibe-slide that has your excited body feeling light and ready to enjoy the fun-pack night, Danny Aro and Pucker happily take our minds away from current affairs with the free-feeling new EDM single that has you enthusiastically dusting off your lonely dance shoes on ‘Saint Laurent Bad‘.

Danny Aro is a highly creative and free-spirited Mount Kisco, New York-born, Redding, Connecticut-based electronic musician and vocalist, who makes a variety of different music dependent on how he is feeling on the day.

He has a hard working attitude that takes him on a wild journey which flows like the gushing winds – as all he wants to do is inspire others – to follow their dreams no matter what obstacles fall in the way.

I write in different perceptions of people as well as my own perception from things I’ve seen throughout my youth. I want people to be themselves and have fun, and when they finish listening to me after a drive or in the club, I hope they start feeling themselves”. ~ Danny Aro

Saint Laurent Bad‘ from the excitingly unique Danny Aro and Pucker, has your mind racing like an Indy car, as you look around and just go for it on the dance floor, no matter who might, or is attentively watching. You feel a bit flush in your pocket and know what you want, as you speak to her and just know that she is going to smile back. This is that confident type of song that has you sliding all night – as you ignore the watch and just look into each others eyes-  to feel totally alive after so long locked away.

Hear this new track on Spotify and check out the IG page for more late-night stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen