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Rise And Fall: Aaron Janik holds that golden light on ‘Runnin with the Sun’ (feat. Danielle Wertz)

On a quite spellbinding beat so fresh you will feel the need to slide on those sunglasses and smile broadly, Aaron Janik drops a song rather glorious that leads you away from the rainy skies with ‘Runnin with the Sun(feat. Danielle Wertz).

Aaron Janik is a greatly-respected Massachusetts-born, LA-based professional trumpet player, horn arranger and educator.

Featuring the impeccable capabilities of internationally recognized California-based jazz vocalist Danielle Wertz, Aaron Janik is quite excellent here with a release that shows you why his name has been mentioned alongside the best in the game. Each chord is rather delightful and with the added vocals of an angelic goddess showing us where to go, this is a real pearl to truly recognise.

Runnin with the Sun(feat. Danielle Wertz) from the LA-based professional trumpet player, horn arranger and educator Aaron Janik, is one of those sumptuous tracks that you just wish you could listen to at that perfect moment. The all-around experience here is one that gets your whole soul to glow, as you imagine being on a beautiful island with your lover whilst listening to this gorgeous song.

Immerse yourself into something rather special via Spotify and see more of his moves via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen