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Daniel Ryan-Astley sets a sinister score in their composition, College Brain

Daniel Ryan-Astley

Daniel Ryan Astley’s time in professional theatre served him well in their baroquely beguiling latest single, College Brain, which sonically sits somewhere between a Kubrick and Hitchcock film score while carrying reminiscences to The Slumber Party Massacre soundtrack.

On the basis of College Brain, the 20-year-old Canadian non-binary artist notably knows just how to build the cinematic tension and keep it running the veins of their orchestral sound. Whether they continue to compose for the airwaves, films or TV, their future will undoubtedly be luminary bright.

College Brain is due for release on March 11th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to Daniel Ryan-Astley’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Daniel Ryan-Astley has released their feat of positive alt-pop ‘Spread Joy’

After making their 2020 debut, alt-pop artist, Daniel Ryan-Astley has persevered with their unique talent and vision and left an array of positive pop on the airwaves.

‘Spread Joy’ is the perfect introduction to their eccentric take to electronic pop which pulls in elements of techno, indie, trap and KPop. Each progression in the extended mix leaves you completely oblivious to what is coming next. The only consistency in the progressive mix is the positivity that projects through the vocals.

Spread Joy is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

When you need saving: Daniel Ryan-Astley sings about the ‘The Darkness’ all around him during these challenging times

Daniel Ryan-Astley makes his fascinating foray into the often-fickle music world with his dashing debut track called ‘The Darkness‘.

Brantford, southwestern Ontario, Canada-based indie-folk singer-songwriter, actor, future film actor and social activist Daniel Ryan-Astley, is a creative force who makes music to explore his boundaries from within, so he can eloquently express his deepest fears and dreams.

After many years of community theatre productions, this intense training helps him make meaningful art that goes beyond normal conventions. His music is from the heart and you can feel the pain entrenched into the deepest fibers of his beating heart.

This is a debut to remember as we are treated to a young man with bags of potential and he seems like a soul who when he sets his mind to something, he achieves his goals no matter what the obstacle he needs to climb.. With an eager attitude to be in music and slowly get into the film, he shows that extra courage and belief needed to grab that star and shine brightly from within.

The Darkness‘ from Brantford, Canada’s Daniel Ryan-Astley is a message of pain and disillusionment with the worlds current affairs as he struggles to keep his head above water. This is a sadly common trait that is unfortunately very common at the moment and fighting this feeling to look deep within himself to find goodness, is the key to staying afloat on this wind-hit yacht of life.

A little help from a good friend or kind face is the way to finding that extra positive motivation to swim with your head up high and glide to new waters.

Hear this creative soul on his Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen