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Feelings Pick Up: Pennsylvania artist Paul Anthony sees her moves on the ‘Silhouette Challenge’

With a classic feel to start off proceedings, Paul Anthony then shadows in with his new track ‘Silhouette Challenge‘, which is all about the trendy TikTok dancing challenge, that almost broke the internet recently.

Paul Anthony is a hip-hop/RnB artist from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who performs with a smooth style that catches your attention quickly, as he laces down a multitude of genres in one go, to give you a performance that perks up your ears each time.

With a fresh beat that washes all over your body during this visually projected song, you feel that he wants to be with her as he likes what he sees, but wants to make sure first by getting to know her.

His catchy lyrics catches your attention on this body-moving new single that showcases his witty lyrics and passion for being with this special soul, who he can’t stop thinking of.

Silhouette Challenge‘ from Lancaster hip-hop artist Paul Anthony, is a story with a grave message about looking for attention in the wrong places, as the world moves easily with fads of the day, that sometimes turn out to be different to what people first intended them to be in the first place.

Hear this catchy new song on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jamie Felton Releases Feel Good Pop Song “Grab My Hips And Sway”

Jamie Felton is a multifaceted music artist from Oxfordshire who does not only sing and play the guitar. He writes, arranges, records and produces his tracks himself and is also capable of playing a variety of instruments as well. This guy is truly amazing at what he does and his passion for music shines through and is noticeable by anyone. His latest release “Grab My Hips and Sway” features a high energy arrangement and a tuneful melody that you will not be forgetting any time soon. This song is not just a feel good song though. It features an interesting arrangement and a surprise at the end with a horn section building up the climax and final chorus.

With some very rhythmically active guitar parts and a cool sense of melody the song starts off simple and evolves into a party. One of the most interesting aspects though, is Jamie’s vocal tone quality and his performance style. With a tone colour that is very suitable for rock and roll and soul, he creates a pop sound that it unlike any other. This guy definitely knows how to make music ideas in his head come to life, and the fact that all his music is made by him from start to finish proves that he is ready to have a solid career in music. Listen to the song and watch out for more !

-Sarah Marie Bugeja