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You will want Doller on speed dial after feeling the heat of the fusionist fire in his EP, Call Me

On November 3rd, UK’s fieriest genre fusionist Doller dropped his dynamic three-track EP, Call Me, to prove he’s lost none of the flair, flow, or finesse that has seen his audience stretch across the globe during his storming 15-year music career.

After track one unravels as an infectiously hooked garage hip-hop anthem, which efficaciously gets you in the groove and hot under the collar, Doller dips into a pseudo-trap iteration of dancehall before bringing in a smooth and steamy session of trap-soul. Achieving that feat of sonic eclecticism with three separate tracks would be one thing, but Doller exhibited his superlative versatility by reworking the same track while ensuring that each track stands by the volition of its own merit.

From the luxe high vibes that reverberate around the rhythmically arresting first single, which features MC Neat and Zara W, to the scintillating atmosphere in track two to the wavy, dreamy tonal hues within track three, which pays an intimate ode to intimacy with a little help from Aleisha Lee and Terry Trill, there’s something for everyone in the Call Me EP, which has established Doller as the baller of originality.

Before the release of Call Me, the Edmonton-originating artist who was born the roots reggae icon Kush Tafari and shares blood with the Jamaican rapper Flash earned endorsements from the likes of Ghetts, Tion Wayne, DJ Target, Charlie Sloth, Sian Anderson, Sir Spyro, Wiley, and Logan Sama. His music has also been synced into an MTV Base advert and the critically acclaimed film Sket. Over the years, he’s flitted between rap, dancehall, and trap-soul as his musical influences diversified. If one thing has remained a constant, it is the renown that has stemmed from his versatile style and impressive lyrical prowess. While some artists out there gas themselves up as a triple threat, Doller is asserting himself as the ultimate threat and one to watch throughout 2024.

Stream the Call Me EP on Spotify & SoundCloud.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

O Banga put momentum behind the rhythm of the night in his culture clash of a rap track, POZÉ

With elements of Dancehall to pay an ode to his Dominica roots mixed with a slice of Bronx grit in the production, the latest single, POZÉ, from the songwriter, musician, producer and engineer O Banga, is the epitome of a high-fire urban summer anthem. There’s nothing but high vibes, big beats, intricately rhythmic instrumentals and pure soul spilling from his honeyed vocal lines.

POZÉ is just one of the singles that feature on the sun-bleached rocksteady LP, TONIO; it is the perfect introduction to the fire and flair of the one-man powerhouse of talent, who has also made a name for himself working as a producer for major So Cal artists and icons of the reggae scene and toured with Lil Kim. The monocultural mould breaker has been one to watch ever since he dropped his debut uptown Bronx anthem, Deadass. If he’s not on your radar at this point, fool on you.

POZÉ hit the airwaves on May 20; hear it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: Tunde 2deep came in hot in his Afrobeat EDM hit, SUCCESS FEVER

Cape Town’s hottest independent artist, Tunde 2deep, elevated the emerging Afrobeat EDM scene with his euphorically mantric single, SUCCESS FEVER.

With Dancehall running right through the rhythmically intoxicating progressions, EDM beats that pound floor-filler material into the release and Tunde 2deep’s infectious brand of high-energy soul, SUCCESS FEVER is an introspective anthem that the Afrobeat scene will never forget.

All too often, high vibe anthems fail to speak to the people that need to hear that before the highs come the lows, SUCCESS FEVER conveys the fears and dark days which punctuate the journey to greatness and lets the listener know exactly how to overcome them. Regardless of the mood SUCCESS FEVER catches you in, it will be brighter once the entrancingly sun-slicked earworm has had its intrinsically rhythmic way with you.

“Afro-EDM has been gaining popularity in recent years; the hype inspired me to blend traditional African rhythms and instruments with electronic dance music. Success Fever is a high-energy track that celebrates achievements. I fully believe that greatness exists within us all; you just have to know how to unlock it; I hope this single is the key for my listeners.”

Add SUCCESS FEVER to your motivational Spotify playlists, or stream the official video via YouTube.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rap went pop in Don Drago’s single, Paradise ft. Bezz Believe & Nawlage 2k5

Prime your summer playlists with the hotter than Satan’s house cat pop-rap hit, Paradise, from the Tampa-based rapper Don Drago.

To turn up the good vibe heat to the nth degree, Bezz Believe and Nawlage 2K5 collaborated on the track, which boasts nuances of dancehall around the razor-sharp pop hooks that will embed in your mind from the first hit of this flavoursome feel-good seminal track, which proves that there are few things in life sweeter than partaking in sun-soaked hedonism.

Paradise is always painted as an intangible phenomenon; Don Drago proved that when the sea meets the sand under warm rays, paradise can be on any shore if you’re in the right company.

Paradise will hit the airwaves on April 28; check it out on SoundCloud. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Princess Wonda is the future of afro-fusion in her sensually emboldening single, My Body

Princess Wonda is the future of afro-fusion in her sensually body-positive single, My Body, taken from her eponymous EP. The UK-born Nigerian vocalist and entertainer unforgettably entered the world music scene in 2021 alongside the Congolese legends 1da Banton and Awilo Longomba. Her debut album charted at #27 on iTunes; given the sensuously rhythmic glamour in My Body, we’re putting our money on this soulfully indulgent hit getting even higher.

One of the hardest relationships women can form is with the skin they’re in; Princess Wonda is the ultimate aural relationship coach in My Body by radiating the confidence that every woman should want to exude. Exotic yet wholesome in equal measure, My Body spills sun-drenched good vibes by the smorgasbord. If this isn’t the afro-pop hit of the summer, there is something seriously wrong with the music industry.

My Body was officially released on April 21; check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: Jindi remixed fresh fire into his Afro Dancehall hit, HASSA, feat Kushman and MasterKraft

The award-winning world music artist, Jindi, has reached heights most could only dream of since making his debut; from international airplay to headlining major festivals, his sound could move mountains. For his latest drop, the Dubai-residing Afro-Dancehall artist infused Kushman’s Genge sound with his Afro-Sudanese style; to entrancingly hot effect. With MasterKraft in charge of production, the lusty earworm of a floor-filler was never going to fall flat.

The original version of HASSA left very little to be desired, but as the ancestral roots of Jindi and Kusman converge in the remix, galvanising cultural dynamism was always going to flood through the arrestive dancehall grooves.

“I originally wrote and performed HASSA; I wanted to spice it up with an East African touch; it’s my first venture into the Sudanese Arabic sound. Hassa translates into ‘right now’, which is the hook. It translates into my love for my girl and my compulsion to give her everything she wants.”

The HASSA Remix was officially released on February 10th. You can catch it on all major streaming platforms via this link.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dancehall icon-in-the-making Jubbi Don has unveiled her high-vibe liberation anthem, Know Mi Worth

Montego Bay, Jamaica-born, Canada-residing Dancehall/Pop artist Jubbi Don created the ultimate high-vibe liberation anthem with her latest single, Know Mi Worth. Self-doubt doesn’t stand a chance against the serotonin-spilling earworm that allowed Jubbi Don to effortlessly come into her own.

The infectious advocation of self-worth pulls self-respect and confidence into trend through the reggae beats and effortlessly upraising energy in the vocals, which will undoubtedly be a hit with fans of Vybz Kartel. The stellar production quality behind sun-bleached rhythmically blissful hit ensures it has all the makings of a playlist staple; once they hear it, Dancehall DJs will be rushing to spin the tropic slice of sonic panache.

The official music video for Know Mi Worth is available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Fresh Sounds from IsraelBeats

It’s not often I get to write about the people behind the scenes, crafting the beautiful beats that singers use for their canvas in making their masterpieces. I suppose it is somewhat sad that we, as audience and appreciators don’t spend more time acknowledging the contributions of these folks. We’re looking at “IsraelBeats” today – a collective of Israeli producers selling their instrumentals to artist around the

world. Their catalog boasts well over 800 professionally produced beats and rhythms – I haven’t heard one that I considered substandard.

One example from the beat-line-up is “Sting,” an up-tempo hip-hop track full of synth squeels, low end bass and a pulsating rhythm that would sound absolutely native in a Miami club. It features delayed xylophone samples, whistling sine-waves and relentless dance-drums, definitely party music here.

I had a bit to look over their website and they sport a very easy to navigate layout. There, one could select the genre and overall style of what you’re looking for. One wonderful thing worth mentioning: I was surprised to see they were giving away 20 royalty free beats (with email signup) which is a rather generous offer. It’s rather heartening that professionals of this caliber are willing to throw young upstarts some help in getting themselves established (or simply having some tracks to practice with). So, I say good on you IsraelBeats.

Me and You: Peanut Butta knows who she is feeling love for on MEET ME IN DI GARDEN

Wishing for love to blossom and for no drama to ruin their romance, Peanut Butta just wants to dance all night with a sweet soul with striking blue hair on the sensual new single MEET ME IN DI GARDEN.

Peanut Butta is a New England, USA-based Afrobeat dancehall wizard who certainly has those natural skills to keep the party alive all night long.

As he chills out the steamy skies with a sizzling single to be enthused by, Peanut Butta is at his peak form, with a rather eye-opening track to play loud all night. Mellow to the core and never losing our attention, we are engulfed in a release with so much star quality to be impressed by.

MEET ME IN DI GARDEN from New England, USA-based Afrobeat dancehall artist Peanut Butta is a loving anthem for those who wish to slow things down for a little while. There is so much thriving energy attached to this single it might make some blush, as the sweet reverberations make everything better again.

When you know who you want to be with, everything shall fall into place if two hearts love each other.

Check out this new video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rapper and producer, JaefKae is razor-sharp in his Reggaeton hip hop single, New Machete

With a danceable versatile flavour like no other, the Chicago-hailing rapper and producer, JaefKae, burst onto our radar with the genre-fluid beats in his latest single, New Machete.

The tropic earworm picks at the roots of hip hop, Caribbean Dancehall, Reggaeton and Soul and plants the seed for a fresh new sound, defined by kaleidoscopically colourful instrumentals and the effortlessly high-vibes in the vocals.

During his career, JaefKae has opened for Nas and Pusha T, taken his high-energy performances across Chicago, and used his platform to represent his Afro-Purto Rican and Japanese descent, be a force of resistance against police oppression and to fight for black liberation.

His moniker comes from JFK because his 200-song discography “will blow your f***ing mind”. Considering that New Machete completely dominates your psyche before flooding it with dance-worthy rhythms and elevated talent, JaefKae had every basis to be that bold when settling on the pseudonym that will ripple across the globe attached to his infectiously upraising tracks.

New Machete is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast