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Listen To Dan Kastelnik’s Catchy “Over This” – It Will Remain Stuck In Your Head For A Long Time

With an intriguing blend of natural sounding instrumentation in combination with more electronic and heavy sections, a strong vocal tone and an outstandingly catchy melody, “Over This,” is precisely a song for the top of the charts. This song is not just your normal pop tune, it’s a song that will have you press play over and over. Through this fresh sounding song featuring a very colourful arrangement, Dan Kastelnik surprises us with his ability to fuse styles in a way which makes the song appealing for a wide audience. Mixing in a hint of raw and edgy rock vocals while delivering a melody that is catchy and pop-ish in combination with a wide spectrum of instrumental sounds, the way this song is crafted definitely makes it very commercially appealing.

When it comes to the harmonic changes and the way the instruments are arranged, these go hand in hand together to form a very rhythmically moving texture which, from the beginning of the song, pushes through while keeping a steady groove and rhythm, even at points when there are in fact no drum grooves. The natural sounds of guitar, bass and strings make up an expressive basis which surprisingly morphs into a heavy rhythmic and expanded chorus which features a more electronic side. Apart from having a strong element of surprise, “Over This” cleverly features a wide dynamic range and an artistic vision which is clearly performed, produced and delivered, making the song surprisingly impactful.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja