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Open Our Doors: Dallas Busha drops groovy new single that has ‘No Borders’

Moral Compass by Dallas Busha

Taken off his debut EP called ‘Moral Compass‘, Dallas Busha shows so much skill and true beauty in his incredibly cinematic single all about helping others called ‘No Borders‘.

Dallas Busha is a soulful Spring Hill, Florida-based indie electronic/acoustic/punk-rock solo singer-songwriter who seems to sing with so much love and determination.

A sonic treat of mellow electronic, acoustic guitar, and catchy hooks.” ~ Dallas Busha

Dallas sings with a natural edge, that has you moving your head smoothly to this mellow energy projected. With a terrific background ambiance which is packed with a sweetly textured sound – that has you feeling like you are in a tranquil pond fishing on a day off – feeling so reflective, as you sink deeper in the bait of life to see what you can catch.

No Borders‘ from the Spring Hill, Florida-based indie electronic/acoustic/punk artist Dallas Busha, is a peaceful effort all about not waiting too long to open up your heart. With the world turning into a scared and negative environment due to this horrid pandemic, this is an enlightning reminder that this incredible planet can indeed be a better place.

Check out this fantastic new single on Bandcamp and see the music career evolve on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen