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South African Hip Hop Artist Da Les Drops Newest Single ‘Popular Demand’

Da Les reaches a comfortable balance between retro hip-hop and a crowd-pleasing club banger. Whilst he holds an unprecedented confidence, his fight or flight attitude reflects his ulterior aptitudes towards his musical career. “Popular Demand” is likeable because of its old school feel, followed by a traditional trap endeavour.

The track is launched with a solemn, eerie introduction as it fades slowly into what can merely be described as a carefree affair. The transformation of atmosphere is unexpected and propitious, where the resilient beat plays amiably with the melodic synthesizers, producing the ultimate trap hit. Where the introduction begins with resonating screeches from crows representing hollow malice, then onwards to an untroubled melody which completely renovates the balance of the mood.

Da Les breezes through the track settling easily into a charismatic position, and for this reason is why “Popular Demand” is strikingly appealing. He effortlessly lifts our spirits through an auto-tune vocal which works in an adroit manner. But whereas money and fame may seem like it takes the centre stage of the track, the dominating theme is the opposite. “I know you see money counting in your face/Don’t let it change you, you’ll regret it every day” Da Les professes, but he is determined to keep the track nonchalant as he casually reverts to, “Back by popular demand”. “Popular Demand” can be recognised to hold traits of narcissism, but when dug deeper the self-made conceit is built on the foundation of hopes and dreams.

Words: Aly Mchugh