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DJ Fricktion, D Smoke & Kelvyn Colt fed the ‘POWER’ in a homage to West Coast hip-hop

From working with RZA to Ghostface to Suspect to Digga D, Ronaldo saying he’s the best DJ he’s ever heard and DJing for Usain Bolt’s private parties, there are few DJs as accoladed and revered as the London-residing music producer and engineer, DJ Fricktion.

From being nominated at London’s club awards as best DJ, to teaching music in a prison to performing at some of the biggest venues across the globe, DJs’ career is as rich and diverse as they come. Now, he’s here with his latest single, POWER, featuring D Smoke & Kelvyn Colt, which unravels as the ultimate adrenalized hustler anthem.

If there is anyone who can speak on the relationship between perseverance, determination and success, it is DJ Fricktion; but that is just one facet of conviction in the fiery feat of hip-hop, which goes far beyond the tired rattle of 808s. The production is as massive as the vocal energy as the rap bars from the collaborators give POWER endlessly enlivening Jekyll and Hyde duality.

Any fans of Dre, Quincy Jones, A.R. Rahman and Timbaland will want to jump on POWER while it is hot.

POWER officially dropped on May 12; galvanise your Spotify playlists with it.

Review by Amelia Vandergast