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For Mom: Martin Mayer makes a special song for his biggest fan on HEART OF AN ANGEL

Sending us into a mesmerizing vortex of wonder, Martin Mayer’s HEART OF AN ANGEL is surely one of the sweetest singles so far in 2023 no matter the genre and is refined in delivery to warm all cold veins.

Martin Mayer is a Czech-born Canada-based piano master who is known as one of the best at his craft no matter who is in the room.

Gracing us with a splendidly memorable embrace, Martin Mayer is at his best with a delightful soundtrack to marvel at for its loving nature. In a world with so much hate and confusion, this is the impactful reminder humanity has needed for years.

HEART OF AN ANGEL from Czech-born Canada-based piano legend Martin Mayer is a top-quality instrumental experience made for his caring Mother. There is care and love involved which requires us to merely listen, and take in each second on a special day caressed with exquisite and endearing excellence.

If your tastes head for the best, this is it.

Listen up on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying To Make Sense: Goshok loves being around these beautiful eyes on Stars Go Dim

Showing us the way to having a happy life in love with kisses overflowing, Goshok hopes that his current love will last forever on the catchy new EDM single that will bring a smile to your face, Stars Go Dim.

Goshok aka Stanislav Sedlacek is a Czech EDM music producer, DJ and songwriter who makes those party tunes that will have you remembering the best night ever.

His ultimate goal is to be the first music producer from Czechia, who performs on big shows like Tomorrowland, Coachella, Balaton Sound and more – on the main stage of the festivals.” ~ Goshok

Gliding through with an absolutely exquisite track that will give you electrifying goosebumps, Goshok drops a real ear-hugger that will be stuck in your head for hours. Packed with quality and a bone-rattling vibe that will elevate your mood, this is a supremely memorable experience you will tell your neighbors about.

Stars Go Dim from Czech EDM music producer, DJ and songwriter Goshok is one of the most euphoric tracks you’re likely to hear today. The beat floats high in the sky and shall get you in the mood to lace up those dancing shoes with your ideal lover gazing romantically at you. Showing us how simple love could be if two souls work as one, while also featuring hugely memorable vocals that will get your head grooving rather sweetly.

When you’re in the moment with someone so special, you believe it will last forever.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen