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Can’t Get You Outta My Head: Cyrussx misses that sweet lover at 2AM

With an emotional single all about that recollection of a special feeling that can’t be reciprocated with anyone else, Cyrussx is wide awake and longs for that warm embrace to stave off the lonely coldness in his heart at 2AM.

Cyrussx aka Cyrus Yongbanthom is an Elizabethtown, Kentucky-born alt-pop singer-songwriter who clearly cherishes making catchy tracks to fall in love with.

Hailing from the town that was the centre of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad opening back in 1854, Cyrussx steams ahead with a track that will stop your heartbeat for a few seconds. Lathered in a stunning beauty that isn’t heard too often, which is brimming with a romantic edge that might cause a few tears.

2AM from Elizabethtown, Kentucky-born alt-pop artist Cyrussx is one of those sad singles which will resonate with so many who miss the only person in the world who truly understands. Sung with a longing embrace and an ode to a moment that shall keep the lights on, even when sleep should be occurring. Showing us a deep love for a human who brought a different mindset to the rest, this is a glorious release from a vocalist who brings a sadly familiar story to the fore for us to heal with.

Your heart always knows who the one is if you listen close enough.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen