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Kendyle Paige describes the true feelings deep within her soul on Cynical

After blessing us all with a tremendous interview with us to learn from, Kendyle Paige shows us deep within her new 10-track album Ladybird with the honest new track to close eyes with, Cynical.

Kendyle Paige is a superbly genuine indie pop singer-songwriter who was born to a Grammy-winning family and sings with pure authenticity on each well-constructed track.

With about a dozen releases in her rearview mirror, Paige is proud to announce her latest and most ambitious record, LADYBIRD, in collaboration with producer Brandon Lee Richardson and engineer Shane D. Stanton of Glower Studios.” ~ Kendyle Paige

Combined with so much deliciously real quality to nibble on lovingly, Kendyle Paige is in a top-notch form via this ominously real picture and pulsating performance for the ages.

Cynical from the captivating indie pop singer-songwriter Kendyle Paige shows us resoundingly within the sordid world and sends us a profound reminder about the current state of mental health in the world. With stress on the rise and broken sails strewn everywhere, this is a dynamic release to treasure forever.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen