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Don’t Hold Your Breath: Atlanta Mae just wants to feel untamed on CYCLONE

Wanting that fiery romance to take her into another world altogether, Atlanta Mae seduces her way into our hearts with a flex-filled single from a charismatic singer who is the opposite of ordinary on CYCLONE.

Atlanta Mae is a South East London-born indie alt-RnB singer-songwriter who first started her career in the musical theatre world.

Her music reflects the urban sound escaping this city, whilst regular visits to the Caribbean to visit family have influenced her sound, adding a sprinkle of island flavour.” ~ Atlanta Mae showing us into her culture and sound

Lighting the fuse and seeing what happens when the explosion calms down, Atlanta Mae is on top form with a dynamic effort of mountain-moving dimensions. Her vocals might tickle your eardrums and induce a warm glow you haven’t felt for ages, from an imaginative musician who knows how to capture our attention.

CYCLONE from South East London-born indie alt-RnB singer-songwriter Atlanta Mae is a sizzlingly potent single from a seriously talented creative who might sooth your previously tight transversus thoracis muscle. Her seemingly effortless vocals are supremely gorgeous and, with her honest lyrics attached, this is a terrific song for anyone looking for that passionate love again.

When you wish for something spellbinding, the journey there can certainly have its difficulties before you find the one.

Listen up on Spotify and see more vibes on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen