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Anything You Like: Danny Polo (ft. Landon Sears and Cube) brings us that sweet-loving soul funky RnB with ‘Prada’

After getting an excellent beat sent to him by an upcoming music producer from Canada, Danny Polo brought the magic together (ft. Landon Sears and Cube) to make a track that has your happy funk bones moving in utter delight on ‘Prada‘.

Danny Polo is a Nashville-based R&B/soul artist by night who also works as a nurse by day, on the front-lines to bravely help out during this horrific pandemic that won’t seem to leave us alone.

Featuring fellow Nashville hip-hop/RnB artist/music producer and platinum-selling star Landon Sears with the fast-emerging Canadian music producer Cube, this is a thoroughly riveting track that will have your mind bending in supremely day-dreaming pleasure.

With a heavy dose of soul, musicality, and nostalgia, Danny Polo is spiritual; but it’s not what you think.” ~ Danny Polo

This is the kind of track that melts away all your previous negativity and takes you to a happy place, to a vivid picture of your gorgeously dressed lover who you feel is so perfect for you. They give you that look which somehow has the power to make you grin so freely, as you connect with them on a spiritual level that was unheard of before.

Prada‘ from Nashville RnB/soul artist, former choir kid and current nurse Danny Polo (ft. Landon Sears and Cube), is that you-take-me-higher type of track that wants to make her feel like she can ask you for anything, no matter what the hit to the bank account. Sung with pure flair, rapped with a smooth flow and produced with a hot beat, this is a tremendous combination who kindly give us all a summer jam to frolic freely inside.

Sometimes you just need to find someone to fall in love with, so you can truly care for them like no one else has done before.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen