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Creepin Thru Da Nite

Deijuvhs destroys conventions with punky, brash bars on ‘Creepin Thru Da Nite’

UK punk-aesthetic rapper and rising star Deijuvhs has released new track ‘Creepin Thru Da Nite’. 

On the first explosions of glitchy, bassy growling through the speaker (which had to be, to save damage, turned down), Deijuvhs doesn’t hold back in making you think ‘What the hell is this?’ ‘Is this rap?’ ‘No wait. Yes? Absolutely not.’ After a sequence of cross genre-instigated pondering, it’s easy to see why Deijuvhs is making his name as one of the most interesting emergents of the current UK Hip Hop scene. 

‘Creepin Thru Da Nite’ an electrifying, distorted ride of growly beats accompanied by grime MC vocals. It’s sort of like the British equivalent of Death Grips – and that is by no small means, a small comparison to make. There’s big things to come from Deijuvhs, as well proven on this track. Don’t be surprised to see this guy creeping on the radio some time soon.  

You can check out ‘Creepin Thru Da Nite’ on Deijuvhs’ Spotify page here.