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Creature of the Night

Michael Shanks rocks on fantastic ‘Creature of the Night’

Texas singer-songwriter Michael Shanks returns with his riff-fused lit brand new song called ‘Creature of the Night’.

Michael Shanks is a carefree musician, singer-songwriter and bandleader from Texas who has played from Buenos Aires to Beijing. ‘Creature of the Night’ has been called the darkly whimsical lovechild of Jimi Hendrix and Tom Waits.

Born in the wild, worldly sprawl of Houston, Texas, from a very young age Michael experienced music from around the globe. At home his family would jam the likes of the Doors, CCR and even Beethoven, but out in Houston’s thriving arts scene he was introduced to Ravi Shankar, Philip Glass, Joe Guitar Hughes, Astor Piazzolla and countless other internationally known musical innovators. This melting pot of music paved the way for Michael’s broad musical vision that looks beyond borders or genres.

With his upcoming EP, ‘Space Sounds: from the Deepest Orbits to the Nearest Hearts‘ out soon, this is an exciting time for the carefree musician who strides out confidently here on ‘Creature of the Night’ from Michael Shanks. There is soul here as he describes watching certain people who turn into zombies in the world and turn into creates. This is a fun track that grooves you like back in the 70’s with it’s solos and rock-out attitude.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen