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Can’t Leave That Behind: Yvngerror sees those hazy nights misbehaving on Gold Roses

With his bright hair and bags of energy to spare, Yvngerror looks deeply into the fun friendships in his local town of Camden on the super song to soar highly with called Gold Roses.

Yvngerror is a London/Surrey, UK-based indie alternative solo artist who makes a tremendously definitive blend of music to spark all imaginations alive again.

Taken off the upcoming debut album Definitely tea, London’s Yvngerror drops a rather special look into an electric expedition which lights up our inventiveness through the night’s luminous glimmer. This is proper raw British music at its best. Underground fused and ready to be loved, this is a rather exuberant speaker-buster designed for all weather patterns.

Gold Roses from London, UK-based indie alternative creative Yvngerror is a rather eloquent look into the future with a mesmerizing soundtrack of anthem-sounding proportions. We are invited on a magnificent mission to turn up loud with mates who appreciate a bit of grit with the music of edgy substance you can down a shot with.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Excellent Irish electronic artist Coex drops a modern-day classic on Hold Me

Transcending through the tempers and finding a happier place, Coex shows us the hype is real on the superb new track to play rather loud on Hold Me.

Fused fantastically by Cormac Crehan and Feargal, Coex is an Ireland-born, West London-raised indie electronic artist and visionary creative with a particular skill set which is only getting better.

”’When writing this track it just seemed to flow as if I was making a DJ set’ explains Cormac, ‘then the rest was just getting the sound design to emulate what I was hearing in my head’. There’s a whole raft of new Coex material in the pipeline, but please don’t expect any consistency in the musical direction, he operates in almost polar opposition to those ideals: “I tend to make music that just encapsulates what I am feeling in that moment as best I can. Being quite an intensely temperamental person, this tends to change quite dramatically from song to song.” ~ Cormac Crehan

Floating into our minds with so much foot-tapping happiness, Hold Me from Coex is one of the best singles of 2023 without doubt.

Righly lauded on the underground and flowing to the top, this is the kind of song which causes drinks to be spilt. Maximum vibration and packed with much might, moving eyes from all current fights and into a much more welcome light.

Hold Me from West London-raised indie electronic artist Coex is one of the more mood-boosting experiences anyone is likely to hear. There is a mass abundance of quality here on offer to heal the heart and get those feet tapping joyously again. Each second is rather riveting and will excite many who crave new heroes to look up to.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Forgot How To Breathe: Kayla Friend longs for that sweet kiss again on valentine’s day

Witnessing that torn page and reminiscing for a tender touch to change the day, Kayla Friend propels us through the lonesome nights and sings with such an affectionate beauty on valentine’s day.

Experienced in both the desert and the big city life, Kayla Friend is a Hemet, California-born indie singer-songwriter who appears to have the resourceful tendencies needed to succeed.

In some strange culmination of recent events, Kayla Friend’s valentine’s day is an accurate representation of our current world. There is so much love to give. Some would say endless. Somehow however something is off like a cruel game is being played on those who crave a genuine touch. In a sometimes meaningless and plastic time for humanity, this is the sad reality when the heart gets broken too many times.

valentine’s day from the San Antonio-based creative Kayla Friend is such a sweetly-toned track to rid all worries away into the closet. Helping us heal with a true story, this is a hold-me-tight-single for anyone feeling rather let down. Reminding us to go back into the moment and appreciate the love, no matter how short the kiss was.

Love can be harsh sometimes after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finally Happy: Duval struggles to rid his heart of those feelings on Can’t Let Them Go

Projecting his pain, which is intertwined within a love that is so toxic but strangely pleasurable, Duval has been low recently just when things were back on track with a new partner on Can’t Let Them Go.

Duval is a Bronx, New York-based indie alternative creative who has zero limits and fuses in his love for rapping, the guitar and singing.

Duval’s musical influences consist of many different types of music genres. These include some older generation names such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Linkin Park and Eminem. His influences also include some modern musicians, such as Drake, Post Malone, The Weeknd and MGK.” ~ Duval

Bringing an emotional aura which shall urge us to reconsider those romantic moments which can shatter rather easily, Duval shall open up our eyes and get our hearts beating rather quicker.

Can’t Let Them Go from Bronx, New York-based indie alternative artist Duval is a rather ear-filling single which will make many nod their heads in unison. Performed with so much passion and relatable pain, this is a superb song to hold on to securely and play on full volume when everything is spinning out of control.

Moving on from a true love is always the hardest.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

See It In Her Eye: Chiron Loxton wants it all right now on I’m with Everything

Taken from his incredibly audacious 24-track album Mixed Emotions, Chiron Loxton shall steam the windows all over town on his latest sexy single to dance all night with called I’m with Everything.

Chiron Loxton is a Somerset, UK-based indie alt-hip hop artist who is as entertaining as they come and is the kind of innovative soul who is at the top of his game right now.

He started out in creative writing as a kid, and soon moved into progressing himself as a music artist as he gained more confidence.” ~ Chiron Loxton

Pulsating with so much romantic energy and never letting go, Chiron Loxton has dropped one of the most passionate single the world is likely to hear this year or any other year.

I’m with Everything from Somerset, UK-based indie alt-hip hop artist Chiron Loxton is a late night sizzler when you want the night to heat up. Wrapped in so much self-assuredness and packed with a vehement energy, this is a rather astonishing release to hold hands with.

When you feel on top of the world, it’s best to enjoy the moment.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dj Nebifar Interview: Meshing World of Warcraft and music together rather splendidly on Barrens Chat

We sat down with Dj Nebifar recently who let us deep within the music and gaming worlds. Filled with so much passion for his craft and so much more, this is an inside look into the life of a highly skilled creative who is only just getting started.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us today, Dj Nebifar. Please tell us more about your latest releases and what the vision was behind the projects?

Dj Nebifar: Well, I made 2 albums and called them “Barrens Chat”. It’s a well-known location amongst the WoW community where people usually hang out and chat, and that’s where I drew the inspiration. The WoW community. I always wanted to create music for the people, something they can turn on in the background and do their favourite things and enjoy the moment.

What’s it like to be a musician and a World of WarCraft player?
Dj Nebifar: I listen to my music all the time as I play WoW so it feels like I did something good for this world and I hope the rest of people will feel the same way.

How can the music scene be better for its artists and fans?
Dj Nebifar: I think we definitely need more exposure, especially for new aspiring indie artists, I know a lot of new indie artists (myself included) that create wonderful music that are kind of lost in the shadows, and maybe having a new way of connecting artists and fans would do a lot.

How did you get started in the music industry and what do you enjoy most about it?
Dj Nebifar: I have been listening to my own playlists and noticed that I got tired of my favourite music due to the lack of new releases especially with genres I can relate to, so I decided that the best way is to create the music myself. The most enjoyable thing is when people listen to your own music and give you feedback saying that they like it and can relate to it.

If there was one country you could tour, where would it be and why?
Dj Nebifar: I bet it will be somewhere in Europe, Ive been to Tomorrowland and I wish that one day I will go back there, but as an artist.

Last of all, where can we find you live next or do you have any exciting projects lined up for 2023?
– Both of my releases are on most of the streaming platforms. And I am currently on a trip to Asia, getting inspiration for next album! You can follow me on Instagram if you want to catch me live or get new updates on my whereabouts.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kwun Interview: Allowing himself to fully flourish on debut release Supernatural

After impressing us with his epic debut single from October 2022 called Supernatural, Mexico/UK-based creative Kwun takes us deep with the realms of the healing arts and more with such an insightful interview to embrace. Showing us what it’s like to be a music producer and artist, we find a kind soul who just wants to make timeless music.

We appreciate you taking some time out of your busy day to speak with us, Kwun. Firstly, where are you based today and what is the music scene like currently in your local area?

Kwun: It’s a pleasure, I appreciate you taking your time too! So, I’m here in Tulum in Mexico, which is where I live for some of the year. Between here and the UK.

I really don’t know what the music scene is like here, to be honest! I was a healer in a previous profession and still tend to gravitate more towards these kinds of things. Tulum is that sort of place. That said, I have a project on right on now where I’ll be working with some local musicians so will be checking out the scene more to find the right musicians.

What’s it like to be a musician and producer? Do you feel like it’s an advantage or a disadvantage sometimes?

Kwun: That’s a really interesting question, and one that no-one’s ever asked me before! I guess I see it all as part of the same thing, like the whole creative process. The musicianship, the songwriting, the producing. It’s how I’ve always done it. So it’s neither an advantage nor a disadvantage. Though if it had to be one, then I’d go for advantage! I usually have a very clear vision of what I want the song to sound and feel like, and having the skills to see that through is a definite plus.

Though I can see benefits of working with a producer also, for sure. Would totally be up for that, for a future project. It would have to be approached with a completely different mindset though, and would be a different process altogether.

As for disadvantages, it’s has never occurred to me that it has any disadvantages. I work with a bunch of session musicians anyway, so it’s not like I play all the instruments myself. And the session musicians always bring their own flavour and flair and usually something really magical to the mix. Which I love.

In fact with my future single release, ‘Ancient Ageless & True’, I don’t actually play anything on it at all, so I just produce. And I sing. I always say I’m doing karaoke on my own track with this one!

If you met someone who had never listened to music before, how would you describe your creations?

Kwun: Well, they’re a very eclectic bunch of songs with a few rousing instrumentals thrown in. Be prepared to be taken on a journey through sound, textures, beautiful melodies, visiting many different genres on the way. We’ll work our way through from Beatlesque songs, to funk and hard rock, via some Afro-beat inspired grooves and some Jazz. Each track is different from the last, juxtaposed in such a way that will tantalise, intrigue but yet somehow sound familiar and feel like home! Some lyrics will make you think, others might move you to tears, as they have done with some of my friends who’ve heard certain as-yet-to-be-released tracks. The lyrics invoke strong emotions, putting you in touch with your humanity! And many of the tracks are journeys within themselves.

If you were in charge of the music industry for a day, what would you change first and why?

Kwun: I would open up the possibility to take more risks with artists, meaning I’d widen the range of what is let through and marketed in the mainstream. The thing is, people’s music tastes are a lot more eclectic and intelligent than what the industry would sometimes give them credit for. So that’s what I’d change.

Do you have any tips for independent musicians who are new to the game?

Kwun: Well, I’m pretty new to the game myself, but what I’d say is build a really strong team. You’ll need their help! And stay true to what you want to create, try not to be swayed by what you think others want from you. Obviously, an appropriate amount of diplomacy and playing the game is necessary. We’re all doing our job as best we can! But just be true to who you are artistically, and the rest should fall into place.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

Kwun: Well, what comes to mind right now is something my mentor, Francesca de Valance once said. She said to be more expansive and to allow myself to show up as all of me. And to not squeeze myself into a very small box! Words to that effect. It was a permission slip in a way to do more of what I was already doing.

Last of all, where can we see you live next and what goals do you have for 2023?

Kwun: No live plans as yet, I’m afraid, but I’m aiming to shoot a video of a couple of my songs here in Mexico with a live acoustic band. The band will consist of a string quartet and some of the local musicians I mentioned earlier. Not exactly seeing me live in person, I know, but hopefully the next best thing.

For 2023, I’m releasing my debut album, titled ‘Ancient Ageless & True’, after the song I mentioned earlier. There will be a few singles leading up to that, including the title song itself. I will shoot more music videos. I have a few other goals which are in the early stages of planning, so don’t want to say too much yet, but hopefully I’ll be to able to share some exciting news with you all in due course.

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Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Jaytovxn glides through like a menace on the heavyweight ‘Pink Panther’

With a brand new car and causing so much attention on ‘Pink Panther‘ with a flow so hard the speakers might fall off, Jaytovxn is in monumentally top form with the bounciest track you might hear today.

Jaytovxn is an 18-year-old indie hip hop artist who seems to possess that extra drive needed to be the best that you can be in life, no matter where you are from.

Shredding the bars open like a hungry Lion who is ready to roar with the best, Jaytovxn is in sensationally inspiring airs of growing inventiveness which is hugely impressive. Smoked out with a brooding sound and hardcore raps from a self-enlightened figure, this is a song to play loud when you need to be pushed into a better mindset. Quickly.

Pink Panther‘ from the youthfully creative 444 Breadwinner hip hop artist and music producer Jaytovxn is a powerful single from a massively promising soul who has decided that enough is enough. It’s his time to shine now, before the world goes into huge chaos again.

Listen up to this excellent new track on YouTube and see more news on IG.

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Juiice Spinna resists the purple urge on pill-filled new single, ‘Diamond Mines’

As he pops another one down his soaked stomach to make sure that the party is going to be even wilder than he thought, Juiice Spinna shows us into his world away from the purple temptation with his visuals for ‘Diamond Mines‘.

Juiice Spinna is a Miami-born, New York-raised indie Hip hop artist who makes the type of vibe that is completely original and packed with real-life stories.

The music is my way of telling you what I’ve experienced, what thoughts constantly race through my mind on a day to day basis and it’s what I want to hear.” ~ Juiice Spinna

This is a rapper who opens us up to a world that is away from the norm and has been constructed in a way that many will relate to many who chose to break from society for a few hours at a time. Juiice Spinna spits stories that are loaded with exciting accounts, witty lyrics, and a bouncy beat that shall have you admiring someone who is truly being himself and not trying to act like anyone else.

Diamond Mines‘ from Miami-born, New York-raised indie Hip hop solo artist Juiice Spinna, is a magnetic video that has us supremely engaged by a thought-provoking artist who has made a cult name for himself due to his storytelling and doing things his way. Taking us on a ride that has you seeing inside a mind that is currently under the influence of a power that can take your consciousness into a different place, we find a rapidly-projected release that will certainly shake up the underground.

Check out the visuals on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen