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Narrowly Escaping: Nicky J feels like his time has been wasted on Trouble

Sensing so much remorse and dropping a sizzling song which feels like it is from the 80s, Nicky J falls in line but is looking over the bridge for a new adventure on the nostalgic song to pulsate with called Trouble.

Nicky J aka Nick Spagnolo is an indie pop singer-songwriter who loves to create and keep us happy with smoking music to exhale the bad vibes away.

Enhancing our day and sealing the deal with a truly quality experience, Nicky J has shown us a profound moment which has been projected in the best possible way. This is spellbinding stuff and Trouble is a massively motivating release made with precision timing.

Trouble from the indie pop artist Nicky J is a stunning soundtrack to play loud and proud when the emotions have taken over and a vent session is needed. Played with pride and desire to take over all other thoughts, this is a speaker-busting song to illuminate all moods when the next road is calling out for attention.

Turn this up loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen