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Create The Culture “On Road”: Issa Vibe!

It’s the big things and sometimes the little things that make a great rap group stand out, it’s the artistry, it’s the passion, and most importantly it’s the heart. Create The Culture’s track “On Road,” is love personified. It’s a mellow track produced by up and coming musician “Young Taylor,” and to be honest, I like the vibe of the track. It’s endearingly honest, colorfully written with clever metaphors and descriptive lyrics expressed throughout the track.

“I pour my heart out, I feel so empty now, I think I need a refill, hand me another drink…”

This song is clearly something special, and although it’s not your typically “rap,” song the vocals are uniquely laid in, expressive, and creative, the harmonies coupled with the lyrical prowess definitely lay the ground work for a smooth wave. “Issa Vibe,” for sure. Create The Culture is far from uni – dimensional, they are a multi-faceted crew of talent easily weaving their place in the fabric of authentic music.