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Craysco Releases Futuristic Alt-Rock Track ‘Can’t Dream’

If you are one of those people who still thinks that music based on studio beats and music made with big, loud guitars are mutually exclusive forms, Craysco is the last word and full stop at the end of that debate. Built on a lazy electronic groove, skittering beats and peripheral studio details, the track is quickly overtaken by powerful guitars and pounding backbeats. And it is this ability to meld to worlds together which is the real selling point.

Take the guitars out and you have classic, confrontational, slow hip-hop vibes and cutting edge rap styles. Take those elements out and you have dark, futuristic alt-rock with some wonderful psychedelic noodling thrown in. But thread the two together, as Craysco has so eloquently done, and you have the perfect sound for the modern post-genre world. All the raw familiarity of music’s past glories coupled with everything that makes today’s musical expressions so unique, together making a wonderful sound for the future.