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Crash Over Me

Door Is Locked: Brooklyn’s monroe and she want to break free from this burning world on ‘Crash Over Me’

Taken off their unmistakable four-track debut EP called ‘White Hot Fire‘, monroe and she edge bravely towards the slippery waters edge to smartly get far away from the heat-filled world of fiery disillusionment on ‘Crash Over Me‘.

monroe and she is a Matt Monroe and Lea Leone-created Brooklyn, New York-based indie trip-hop duo who fuse in sensational shoegaze and dream-pop into their stupendous sound.

In spherical lightness, Lea Leone describes how the world burns, over a crashing guitar she sings how she can hardly breathe – only to then ask herself if that doesn’t simply mean to live.” – monroe and she

You feel their astonishing soundscape that feels like you are watching the world heat up with them, as they try and heal up our imagination with a carefully penned and totally captivating song for the ages, that is up there with the best of 2021. Being challenged daily seems to be the new normal when it shouldn’t, as they elegantly show us into their wildly creative consciousness.

Crash Over Me‘ from the Brooklyn-based indie monroe and she, is a quite magnificent display from a truly elite outfit who put on quite a remarkably transfixing performance. The beat is so terrifically crisp and spellbinding, her vocals strike vividly into your mind, as you are wrapped beautifully inside such a supremely stunning track.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on their growing IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen