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In-between the party: Cozy Danger drop brand new honest single ‘Where Are All My Dogs At’

Taken off the brand new album called ‘Invincible Dog Story‘, ‘Where Are All My Dogs At‘ is the fresh new track from the mellow dudes from Cozy Danger as they greet the animals at the house party first.

This is the story of how you want to be at the party so bad, over think it, decide to go but you take so long to get there, you are sweating by the time you arrive. Once you get to the party, you seem more keen to say hi to the dogs rather than party with the humans.

The authentic indie rock track has shades of reggae and this is a really fun and honest listen with a story that you will probably make you smile, if you have dealt with anxiety when going to a party before. The cool kids are looking and you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself. Ultimately however, enjoying yourself and not caring what anyone else thinks is the best way to go in life. This is easier said than done but definitely possible.

Cozy Danger¬†are quality on ‘Where Are All My Dogs At‘ as they sing with so much honesty and this is a real look inside how some people struggle when going out, while others either are chilled and comfortable, or others have some Daddy or Mommy sodas to forget how you really feel.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen