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Better think twice: LeDrip shows us in on the street-hop true story of ‘Homocide’

With real street stories of gaining respect and trying to survive in the hood still fresh in his mind, LeDrip shows us how life really is on his fiery new release called ‘Homocide‘.

James Thompson Jr aka LeDrip, is a Sacramento, California-born writer, designer, rapper and producer, who tells us true tales of life dodging the blue lights, fighting with gangs to protect his independence and what it takes to stay breathing in places you see only in the movies.

After dealing with his Mom’s unfortunate addictions due his Dad’s habit for selling drugs, hitting his wife and spending too much time in jail, you can feel the pulsating passion inside his voice, as he has lifted himself up as one of six kids to fulfill his creativity and make music his new addiction. He went down the dark and gloomy alley before and refuses to go there again as this will let down his loved ones.

Homocide‘ from the raw talent of LeDrip, is a courageous story of dealing with adversity and staying alive through dark times. He raps with that inner determination that is only apparent if you have really dealt with evil and seen it in your face, while your heart skips a beat, wondering if you will actually get home tonight to see that pillow.

This dogged attitude is an inspiration to us all to be thankful for what we have, as so many have to scrap and do things they don’t want to, all in the name of having a meal to eat and helping their family live. ‘The One Man Mafia‘ album is on its way and it feels like more true stories are on the way, leading us into his fascinating life of survival, despite the odds heavily stacked again him.

Stream this potent track on YouTube and see more from his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen