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Desert Shade: “All For Nothing” – Classic Americana of the very best kind

Bringing the Classic Rock all the way from Annapolis, Maryland, comes Desert Shade. Describing themselves as ‘born out of necessity in the fall of 2019 to fulfil a headlining slot’, the band came from a scrabbled first headline set to a show that landed them on the Baltimore Soundstage just a few months later. Now, following a couple of early singles, they’re bringing their brand of Americana-influenced classic rock via this, from their forthcoming self-titled debut EP.

Awash of laid-back harmonica and tweedy Fender twang, meandering bass, and graced by a beautiful heavily wah-and-distorted lead-line from Nick M, ‘All For Nothing’ is a cigarette-lighters-at-the-ready burner in the style of ‘Someday Never Comes’ of ‘Forever Young’.

Quietly forceful and evocative without being schmalzy, ‘All For Nothing’ smoulders like the best of laid-back Neil Young, the Allman Brothers, Tom Petty, or the Grateful Dead.

You can check it out here.

Review by Alex Holmes


Brian Setzer fans will want to prepare their playlists for Maple Run Band’s single “Independence Day”

Maple Run Band followed up from their debut single with their roots-deep instantly endearing Americana Country Rock single Independence Day.

Even the jovially plucked guitar strings on the intro made my soul feel lighter. Yet, that was nothing compared to the infectiously melodic choruses which are enrapturing enough to allow you to forget that despite Independence Day recently passing, America really hasn’t had much to celebrate recently.

Instead of equipping their single with an arsenal of futuristic frills, Maple Run Band went right back to old school so that when you hit play, you’re hit with a flood of nostalgia, good vibes, and much needed aural escapism. Any fans of Brian Setzer won’t be able to resist the rhythmic charm in Independence Day. Neither should anyone else with rhythmic pulses to arrest for that matter.

You can check out Maple Run Band’s single Independence Day for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jon Davis featuring the Kenny Rogers Band – Someone Else’s Problem

In American singer-songwriter Jon Davis’ rhythmically infectious, resonantly magnetic standout single “Someone Else’s Problem” there are sentiments we can all undoubtedly relate to.

There’s potentially no better feeling than getting rid of insidiously toxic people, and the rhythmically indulgent feat of Americana Rock n Roll perfectly captures that sensation of freedom and elation along with the bitter-sweet aftertaste of lament.

The single stands as a testament to the artist’s nuanced talent in orchestrating Americana Country Rock perennial earworms which are laced with connectable emotion. It feels quite criminal that Jon Davis has spent a significant amount of his musical career in tribute bands. Their natural ability when it comes to aural expression is not easily paralleled.

You can check out Jon Davis’ single Someone Else’s Problem for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Paradise Motel have made their roots-deep country rock debut with the album “Black Dove”

Country artist Paradise Motel has recently made their debut with their 2020 album Black Dove. If you like your Country Rock roots-deep, prepare to be enamoured by the timelessly rhythmic tones offered by the Canadian up and coming artist.

The standout single If You Ever Leave Me should be an instant hit for any fans of the Stray Cats, Eddie Cochran and Matchbox. Feats of unadulterated sincere romanticism which may not be prolific on the airwaves today, but Paradise Motel has found a way to bring nostalgic ardour into the 21st century. We’re certain that we’re not the only ones which will be bowled over by the debut. The up and coming artist is undoubtedly one to watch.

You can check out If You Ever Leave Me along with the rest of Paradise Motel’s album Black Dove via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


UK Blues Rock band ‘Near Earth Objects’ return with galaxy-stretching ‘’Run For The City’’ single

Never said I was ready to leave you, be a while but the City won’t keep me from you. 

Near Earth Objects’ aka NEO are a South Cumbria-based band with a variety of genres in their blood. It’s old-school bluesy/Rock with a new school modern folk feel-good-energy going on in the speakers. A very tight band with years of experience playing together, you can feel the harmony and love for the music when you turn them up loud.

‘’Run For The City’’ is all about just going for it, leaving good things and memories behind in order to do what you feel is right and really desire. Believing in your soul is the main thing to do in life, taking a chance and heading upstate to start something fresh and new. With incredible solo guitar riffs and groovy bass lines, ‘’Run For The City’’ is a memorable song with all the right ingredients. 

In 2015, Lead Singer Grant Huck was sadly diagnosed with an immutable nervous system disease that has left him suffering chronic pain and muscle weakness. As a result, he is unable to continue playing live at gigs. However, the band rallied together and decided to continue to work together as a unique recording band. 

A fine thing to do indeed as most bands would have packed it up and moved on elsewhere. The love of music and not wanting to play with anyone else lives on strong with faithful NEO, showing old school values to inspire us all. 

Click here to hear more NEO right here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Jerry Impini has added a new raucous twist to Americana Rock with their latest single “Not Involved”

Jerry Impini’s latest single “Not Involved” kicks off with a sonic blast of overdriven guitars which you may not be used to hearing in Americana Rock. But anyone who appreciates fresh new approaches to the genre will definitely want the Texas-based up and coming artist on their radar.

After hearing Jerry Impini’s Duelling Piano Rock track “Been Bad For Me”, we’ve learned that we can always expect attention-piquing ingenuity. Not Involved definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s animated, it’s fierce, and charisma drips from it.

Some of the guitar progressions may not be the cleanest, but the disorder in the track amplifies that raucously infectious Rock n Roll energy which will never go out of style.

You can check out Not Involved for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Kelley Jeanne – That Kinda Love: Roots-Deep Country Rock

If you’re looking for a hit of contemporary heartfelt Country Blues, there’s probably no better option than Kelley Jeanne’s latest single “That Kinda Love”. Along with her band, she cooked up accessible rhythms which any fans of the genre are sure to appreciate.

Kelly Jeanne’s easy and organic vocal style packs plenty of attitude into the delivery as the energy is fed into the mix with the punchy guitar rhythms.

Yet, while it is undeniable that Kelley Jeanne and her band have talent, there wasn’t all too much to separate their style from the pioneers of the genre. While it is always pleasing to hear a sound assimilated so seamlessly, I’d love to hear Kelley Jeanne use her vocal power to set herself apart.

You can check out Kelley Jeanne’s latest single That Kinda Love for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Shelby Darrall – Only You: Upliftingly Pensive Country Rock

American Country Pop doesn’t get much more soulful than Shelby Darrall’s latest single Only You. There aren’t many artists can carry the empowering weight in their vocals which Shelby effortlessly exudes in Only You, once you listen to the track, you’ll see how easy it was for her to catch our attention.

Considering that the whole point of music (which most artists seem to have forgotten) is to express emotion, it’s safe to say that Shelby hit the nail on the head. She used her upliftingly pensive lyricism to set a narrative portrait of despair which is so vivid you get sucked right into the emotion which is poured into the microphone. Shelby Darrall’s sound is possibly the most visceral that we’ve had the pleasure of checking out recently. It’s all too easy for that Nashville sound to get a little tiresome, but Shelby’s ethereal style is one that will be universally adored. She’s brought the soundscape of the Napa Valley roots right into the mainstream.

You can check out the demo of Shelby Darrall’s latest single which was released June 18th, 2018 on SoundCloud now along with her other sensationally sweet singles.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Russ Bell – Old School Ways: Perceptibly Organic Classic Country Rock

Yep, you guessed it. Russ Bell’s latest track is awash with nostalgic sound. But who doesn’t love a bit of the revivalist sound? The NY, US based artist has a powerhouse of musicians working with him to create astounding tracks such as Old School Ways. Yet, as a multi-instrumentalist and a sensational lyricist, it doesn’t seem like Russ Bell needs much help when it comes to creating a stunning single. Listening to his latest single Old School Ways, it became apparent how much I missed the simplicity of succinctly strummed guitar with that sweet jangly anachronistic sound and almost hummed vocals. It’s artists like Russ Bell who prove that guitar music isn’t dead and that stripping it back right back to the roots doesn’t mean you can’t bring something perceptibly organic to the table. With a truly pious approach to his music Russ Bell’s soundscapes are quite literally ethereal.

If you’re looking for a taste of that sweet Country Americana sound you can stream and download Russ Bell’s latest single Old School Ways on ReverbNation now alongside his other sensational musical compositions he’s produced as a solo artist.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Driving Miss Mansfield

What do you do when your best friend decides to move to the other side of the country to be with her man. Well, you arrange a cross continental road trip and then try to condense that adventure down into a four minute pop song. That’s what Jersey Shore artist Karen Mansfield did anyway and not only did she manage to condense the essence of that epic road trip into a country-pop song, she condensed it down into a brilliant country-pop song. Me and Leslie is the story of that Thelma and Louise like trip, though as far as we know it didn’t end in quite such tragic circumstances and what is left is a wonderful celebration of friendship, fun, road trips and reflecting on the past.

As tunes go it is a fantastic bit of work, a jaunty, roots tune sparkling with addictive pop poise and driven by just enough rock muscle, the result being an infectious tune that sits in a lot of musical camps and which will even find fans with those not normally that in to their music. Such is its power of attraction. And it is fitting that a song written about a road trip is also the perfect song to blast out of the car stereo as you follow in their tyre tracks and head down the highway.