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Spotlight Feature: Country luminary, Colt Graves, released the ultimate anthem for positive defiance with ‘Dirt on Me’

Colt Graves

Much like imposter syndrome, people coming out of the woodwork to attempt to drag you down to their depressive imbittered depths is a sign you’re on the right path; Colt Graves’ latest single, Dirt on Me, is for anyone who traverses this mortal coil with nothing but compassion, positivity, ambition, and autonomy fuelling their world-weary souls.

It is one thing to speak to the haters; it is another entirely to vindicate the people on their own paths with a country rock anthem that can easily define the future of the genre. Just as his grandfather, Josh Graves, got inducted into the Bluegrass Hall of Fame after introducing the resonator guitar to the genre, Colt Graves is making innovative waves of his own – which is easier said than done in 2023!

Dirt on Me is an adrenalized amalgam of Southern rock in the vein of Shinedown, Lil Nas X hip hop elements, vicious pop hooks, and modern beats, all tied together with country instruments and the depth and class of Steve Earl.

The genre fluidity within Dirt on Me may be bang on trend, but clearly, Colt Graves will never be one to sell his soul at the expense of his veracity, which makes the superlative hit one of the most visceral anthems the Country genre has ever contained.

“Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, it just isn’t good enough for some people?

Dirt On Me is for the people living true to themselves and trying to do the right thing, regardless of what anyone else has to say about it. It’s a ‘fed up of the bullshit’ anthem and a call to confident and more prideful arms; you can’t please everyone; the harder you try, the worse you will end up.

People are always going to ‘Throw Dirt On You’ and try to drag you down, but positivity always wins, and the best thing we can do is ignore the noise and keep moving forward.”

Stream Dirt on Me on all major platforms from May 11 via this link.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cam O’Brian- Already Famous: An energetic Country Rap piece

If you want to delve into the world of Country Rap then this one is a must to check out. Cam O’Brian has released his new track ‘’Already Famous’’ and it’s one hell of a Country song.

When you think Country Rap it may sound a bit peculiar, but in fact it’s becoming a lot more popular, especially after Lil Nas X took everyone by surprise. This is definitely similar to Old Town Road for sure, but up and coming artist Cam O’Brian shows his listeners just how much of a hit Country Rap can be when it’s done right, whilst intertwining Hip-Hop, Trap and Pop.

Having that pure old western cowboy feeling by the use of the fast strums on the Ukulele. Cam tends to bounce back and forth with his voice, he can sound pure country and then sometimes he can sound really Pop when he hits the high notes, it’s pretty impressive.

Already Famous is a track you can’t help but want to listen to again and again, it’s so contagious and so fun to listen too.

Check out Cam O’Brian Already Famous by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall