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Count to Zero

Helsinki alt-rockers VANTA show us where we are headed on ‘Count to Zero’

With that weighty sound that booms from the rooftops as they submerge into the shadows, VANTA wonders if this is indeed the end with their latest single that has you thinking deeply about your movements while all this carnage continues on ‘Count to Zero‘.

Fronted by Markus Saikkonen, VANTA is a Helsinki, Finland-based alt-rock 4-piece band who have that easy-to-hear-hunger flowing into their icy veins of creativity.

VANTA plans to be a part of the new wave of Finnish rock music export and has their targets in the international market.” ~ VANTA

Burning up our imagination and taking us into a contemplative mood that we forgot existed, VANTA show us why they are one of the most exciting Scandinavian bands out there at the moment with another top-quality performance that is loaded with that realness we all need more of in this plastic world.

Count to Zero‘ from Helsinki, Finland-based alt-rock 4-piece band VANTA, is the kind of track that has you contemplating the end of time in this wild west type of world. With a tremendously stimulating aura that has freshly tipped vocals and honest lyrics that are matched with a stunning soundscape that only seems to get more and more intense as this track heats up. This is a riveting single that will catch your heart from falling and bring you into an enthralling place, that has you looking over the cliff to see what is about to transpire.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen