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Could You Be

Susan G wants that smell of his cologne all over her body on ‘Could You Be’

Urging her new lover to take her home so that they may share another round and start to move closer as their lips tingle with excitement, Susan G returns with a song so sensual it might cause heart palpitations on ‘Could You Be‘.

Susan Galbraith aka Susan G is a Seattle, USA-based indie-pop artist, lifestyle writer and content creator who makes that finger-clicking music you can’t help but enjoy.

You’ll often find her collaborating on projects with her husband Jake, writing about the harsh realities of trying to get anything done with kids at home, and laughing too loud in public with her ride or die group of friends.” ~ Susan G

With a wonderfully electric atmosphere that has your eyes wide awake as you imagine this drink-filled moment of feeling like you have met the perfect connection for tonight, Susan G is at her imperious best with a saucy new single that will have you grinning broadly with a cheeky wink.

Could You Be‘ from Seattle, USA-based indie-pop artist, lifestyle writer and content creator Susan G, is a stranger-packed story that will steam up the windows as the danger unfolds right before our eyes. With salacious vocals and naughty lyrics that might have you unwrapping this hot picture, this is a single that will warm your whole body as you remember meeting that new lover who took your breath away.

Take another sip with this hot new track on Spotify and see more of this incredible talent via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen