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Massachusetts-based rock artist Jade Moede drops fun new single ‘Ooo La La Rachel’s Stuff’

After urging us to never ever give up no matter what on ‘Pride‘, Jade Moede treats us to a heart-pounding story that features plenty of kick and extra vocals you will be so happy you listened to on ‘Ooo La La Rachel’s Stuff‘.

Jade Moede (pronounced Maydee) is a Cotuit, Massachusetts-based award-winning visual artist and drummer/indie-rock singer-songwriter.

This is just a fun song, which is dedicated to Rachel Alina, my music mentor/friend who I adore and respect, she is a renowned professional mixer, also an instructor at Berklee School of Music.” ~ Jade Moede

With a single that has been made to show so much love and respect for a heart that has intertwined into his, Jade Moede shows us what class sound like on this wonderful effort that might have you smiling as you have just found that money you hid away, albeit a bit too well.

There is a bounce here that has your head nodding so fondly, as you click your fingers and reminisce about that time when you realized that you respected someone so much that you felt compelled to write them a song to express your gratitude.

Ooo La La Rachel’s Stuff‘ from Cotuit, Massachusetts-based indie rock artist and acclaimed visual artist Jade Moede, is a beat-heavy single that has so much soul oozing through, you might need to sit down as you admire this brilliantly-performed new track. There is an ear-warmer on offer here that should get you heating up your soul instantaneously, as the melody is one to truly behold.

Do you they make quality music these days that sounds timeless? Oh yes, they do.

Listen in to this fine new single on Spotify and see more vibes on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Give Up: Massachusetts native Jade Moede enthusiastically urges us to hold onto our ‘Pride’

As he rocks into the music bar with a telling story that inspires us to lift ourselves up, Jade Moede returns triumphantly with the true story about keeping our chins to the sky no matter what the circumstances are on his relevant new single called ‘Pride‘.

Jade Moede (pronounced Maydee) is a creative indie rock singer-songwriter, award-winning visual artist, and drummer, from peaceful Cotuit, Massachusetts, in the USA. He makes that old school feel that has you feeling all cozy and nostalgic, as his wonderful ways take you to a vintage place that is way out of the matrix.

It’s almost more net art time capsuled from the early 90s than anything else.” – Jade Moede

There is such a rebel nature here that is so great to listen to and the gushing guitar riffs are so fun to embrace happily. His determined vocals swarm the mic and uplifts your mood like winning the lotto, as he takes us for a ride that has you feeling alright again after a few losses.

Pride‘ from the New England-based indie rock artist and visually creative artist Jade Moede, is that walking with an extra step type of track. The misty maze of the world can hold you back and confuse you as there are so many different paths you could take. He sings with such passionate energy and this is a song you need to hear loud, as its your right to do so.

Stream his new track on Spotify and check out the IG for more visuals plus music news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen