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Cotola – Deep House tackles deep subject matter

Inspiration comes from all directions and whilst house music is probably best known for more throw away lyrics and instantly gratifying grooves, Cotola is an artist who really puts the “deep” into deep house. An instrumental which draws its inspiration from the figure of Mary Magdalene and which blends South American vibes and sensuous Afro-beat with the more usual slick urban sounds.

And that would be enough to whet the appetite of any discerning dance music lover but it gets much more interesting than this one track suggests. Taken from a suite of 7 tracks which explore more than just the interconnection of different strands of world music, woven into its music are themes such as sacred geometry,  sensuality, esoterica, balance, peace and love. Music for a whole new age? Perhaps, but it is safe to say that house music has rarely been this deep.