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Cosmic Order proved resistance isn’t futile in his outcry of an anthem, Warfare

With a music video that unravels with the same kind of dystopic aesthetic narrative as an Adam Curtis documentary and a definitively cataclysmic atmosphere created by the alt-rock instrumentals, the latest release from Cosmic Order is an eye-opening testament to the constructs of society that are rotten at their core and spreading hate through the masses.

In a bid to transcend the tragedy of the world through spirituality, art, and music, the one-man powerhouse which is Cosmic Order has succeeded in its mission of infusing hope and resilience into the human condition. On the basis of their latest single, Warfare, it is safe to say they’ve succeeded.

The vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, producer and performer Angelo Silvio DiPippo uses his juxtaposing life experiences, which have taken him from war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan to the raw beauty of the Sicilian countryside and pours them into the grounding gravitas of his work. Just as George Orwell saw it all before dedicating his life to overcoming tyranny, Cosmic Order is smashing through the bedrock of oppression with his discography.

While I can’t say I agree that androgyny and queerness are signs of end times and would contest that the moral trans panic is a far greater societal sin, the other points of contention in the outcry of a rock anthem are right on the money that the masses will never see if the space race billionaires continue to have their way.

Stream Warfare on YouTube now and discover more about Cosmic Order via the official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Find catharsis in our hyperNormalised world with Cosmic Order’s searing protest track ‘Burn It All Down’

Cosmic Order

If turning on the news leaves you with the wish to see the corrupt economic system crash as the pathological liars we call politicians are held accountable, Cosmic Order’s old school rock track, ‘Burn It All Down’, is definitely for you.

After seeing the duality between the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan compared to the raw beauty of the Sicilian countryside, the one-man-machine, Angelo Silvio DiPippo found himself holding a unique perspective, which he has shared through his latest album, ‘Duality’.

Burn it All Down is the perfect example of the awakening tracks that you will find on his latest LP. Along with the tight rock n roll grooves, you’ll hear lyrics serving an essential reminder that, for the most part, we’re sleepwalking through a hyper normalised hellscape.

Burn It All Down can be streamed and purchased via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast