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FLIPPIN’ GOTHIC FABP unleashed urban surrealism with ‘JUST HOW OPEN MIC’

FLIPPIN’ GOTHIC FABP’s latest single, ‘JUST HOW OPEN MIC‘, is a feat of unorthodox brilliance. Hailing from, New York, this artist, formerly known as Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer, makes a habit of defying convention by merging the gritty essence of urban life with surreal, almost otherworldly dimensions.

The track is an audacious leap into the avant-garde, where spacey, experimental beats collide with a hypnotic rap cadence. FLIPPIN’ GOTHIC FABP’s lyrical prowess is akin to a cosmic navigator, guiding listeners through a sci-fi cinematic universe, yet firmly rooted in the raw, undiluted essence that has been his hallmark. His voice, a blend of rhythmic precision and melodic undertones, weaves through the beats with an almost ethereal quality.

This is not your typical hip-hop fare. ‘JUST HOW OPEN MIC’ challenges the listener, demanding attention and contemplation. It’s a bold statement from an artist who has worked over 2,000 tracks into his discography; a testament to his relentless creativity and dedication to his craft.

Watch the official music video for JUST HOW OPEN MIC by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast