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Come With Me: Vicious Vin happily rides with the sassy bad girl on ‘Pearls’

Produced by Corsin, Vicious Vin presses the throttle down and gives us a taste of his music creations with the trap-fused new single all about that girl with an attitude on ‘Pearls‘.

John Hill aka Vicious Vin, is an indie hip-hop artist and singer-songwriter from Six Nations Indian Reserve who is a father of two loving children.

I devote my life to music and plan to make a living by it.” ~ Vicious Vin

You feel his reflective glance at this wild woman who he clearly has feelings for, as they ride on the windy roads and head towards their final destination. She has his heart beating much faster than before, as he wonders where this will all end.

The production from Corsin quickly grabs your attention here as well as the eloquently projected raps, that are made with a chilled style that keeps you intrigued the whole way through.

Pearls‘ from the confident Six Nations Indian Reserve-based indie rapper Vicious Vin, is a road-trip type of single all about knowing that person you are into, is a bit of a sassy individual who is rather headstrong. You don’t mind though as you smile to yourself, in full knowledge that this might not last long so you might as well enjoy it. Made with a smoothly tipped beat – this is a perfect summer track to play loud in your car – as you take a cruise to a new town to find out what is there.

Life can be rather simple, if you just let things flow.

Check out the fresh audio on YouTube and see the FB music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen