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Corin deliver us ‘The Moment Of Realization’

Moira by Corin

Deep, subtle instrumental backgrounds open ‘The Moment Of Realization’ by ambient artists Corin, gentle echoing guitar chords over the slow, mellow swell of keyboard parts, a repeating, descending motif of picked, chorused notes which then build slowly, drums and bass adding an extra colour to the palette, increasing dynamics until overdriven guitar kicks in around the four-minute mark, reprising the descending riff but with greater power and emphasis.

‘The Moment Of Realisation’ is taken from Corin’s debut, seven-track ep ‘Moira’, a progressive neo-classical journey from prologue through to ending, a soundscape journey through an instrumental landscape of shifting moods and tempos.

You can hear ‘The Moment Of Realisation’ on BandCamp; follow Corin on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes