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Say Yes: Kansas City’s Klay Cartier tells her what she wants to hear on action-filled ‘Mamacita’

With a Latino vibe brewing tastefully that booms through the sweat-soaked speakers to get you into the frisky mood to get groovy with the apple of your eye, Klay Cartier shows his smooth moves with that sweet girl who he wants to be with on ‘Mamacita‘.

Corey Wesson aka Klay Cartier is a Kansas City, Missouri indie hip-hop/RnB artist and massive basketball fan. He makes that superior music creation which is packed full of smooth sunglasses, and has a silky blend of sunset vibes for our enjoyment attached.

Creating and becoming Klay Cartier saved my life and it was a last ditch effort to give a part of myself to music before I let go of the dream I was chasing.” ~ Klay Cartier

This is the story of being out and about in town, as your smile slowly gets bigger as you quickly see who you want to speak with. Soon, you walk over and the conversation starts up steamy like a hot water bottle in winter, while you impress her with your intentions. Sung and rapped with so much conviction, this is that evening music as you get ready to find your future lover.

Mamacita‘ from the charming Kansas City-based indie rapper/RnB singer Klay Cartier, is a drinks-flowing, booty-bouncing and late-night single, to rev up our engines here in 2021. He displays an Olympic sized swimming pool full of confidence, as he sings with such an insight into the smile of the well-dressed woman who he wishes to take home.

This is that heart-stopping type of track that has our tongues wagging, as he makes it known what he wants and is confident that she wishes to be with him too.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more via his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen