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Cool Calm Nice

Benjamin Digby soothes with piano-led electronica in ‘Cool Calm Nice’

Cool Calm Nice by Benjamin Digby

Producer and sound designer Benjamin Digby has released a nice new track ‘Cool Calm Nice’. 

‘Cool Calm Nice’ is about as self-descriptive as a song could possibly get. It’s a warm, piano-led piece that devolves into a darker, wider soundscape full of icy plinks and electronically warming warbles. Digby shows off his production chops nicely on the mix, letting it emphatically build throughout a six minute duration and dramatically descend into its final stretches. 

It’s cool, it’s calm and it’s a very nice track from this electronic producer who we hope to see a lot more from. Definitely check ‘Cool Calm Nice’ out if you’re a fan of warm, electronic music with a darker edge. 

You can listen to ‘Cool Calm Nice’ on Benjamin Digby’s Bandcamp page here.