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HS Aka Lowffer Does Minimalist Rap Like This

All genres need people to push the limits and stretched the established musical boundaries, most often, however, has been the sonic equivalent of dropping a hand grenade into the middle of the listener’s expectations and then trying to rearrange the debris into new and pleasing shapes. Sure, you really shake things, and then some, but you also find that the result is normally, well…a total disaster.

HS Aka Lowffer understands this and instead of trying to dress his music with more and more embellishments, more detail, more layers and textures until it sinks under its own weight, instead he creates tracks which are the sound of urban music being intensified, become more inwardly focused, being distilled to its essentials. The beats are sparse and trippy, and the distant, lilting electronica drifts smoke like through the middle ground leaving the hypnotic and repetitive vocal patterns to take centre stage. The phrase less is more may be a cliche but it is a cliche for a reason…because it is true.