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Went Back Straight To Bed: Adee Gershon tries to simplify her thoughts on ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’

Produced by Yonatan Albalak and taken off her 3-track ‘Zemm Ayesha‘ EP, Adee Gershon brings us a true story about how our mind can really define us if you let it control you on ‘I’ll Be Seeing You‘.

Adee Gershon is a much-loved Israeli-based indie singer-songwriter who projects such genuine emotion in all of her well-crafted tracks.

This song was written while I was struggling depression, a time when I couldn’t see myself as I really was and thinking I might not have ‘IT’ in me.” ~ Adee Gershon

As she opens up the curtains to show us her world – while her mind races off a cliff – and takes her to places she wishes weren’t available, Adee Gershon is at her best here with a fantastic single that has you feeling so contemplative. Her luscious vocals are so dreamy and you feel like she is a tender soul, who is looking for that door that will assist her in finding that much-needed fire again.

I’ll Be Seeing You‘ from the superb Israeli-based singer-songwriter Adee Gershon is a touching story that is sung with such love and honesty. She seems to perform so effortlessly and with that true introspection, as she searches for that happy place that will allow her to be truly content. In a world that needs more genuineness and heroes to guide the youth into a better mindset, this is a touching single that will have you reflecting on your own path in this confusing world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen