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Conor Alexander soars high like a bird on the courageous new release ‘Kamikaze Pilot’

Taken off the 10-track album ‘The Magnetic People‘, Conor Alexander might just go for it anyway despite the risks involved with a supreme single to ascend freely while flying high on ‘Kamikaze Pilot‘.

Conor Alexander is a London, UK-based indie alternative rock solo artist who makes that raw sounding road-trip strumming music to jam with all night.

Gliding through rather fondly and into our warm embrace that has needed a song with a bite like this, Conor Alexander is in a bullish mood with a forceful display to remember. Always grippingly passionate and with an adventurous mood that will urge you upwards, this is an experience to throw your arms high with.

Kamikaze Pilot‘ from London, UK-based indie alternative rock musician Conor Alexander¬†is a potent track that urges us to go for it no matter what the challenges are. From the deep depths of a creative mind who has gone for this wild mission despite the risks, showing great bravery when there is much coldness outside.

When you believe you can achieve, each day really means something.

Hear this fine song on Spotify and see more via the Twitter page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen