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Confusion Field spoke to the outliers with their interstellar synth and guitar-driven rock opera, Atom Child

‘Atom Child’ is the latest seismic shift in synth-rock from the prodigies of sonic futurism, who banded together to forge Confusion Field. If you ever wondered what Sisters of Mercy would sound like if they assembled lightyears in the future, hit play and wonder no more as you experience the quintessence of the Finnish progressive rock outfit, which was formed in 2017 by the seasoned musician and composer, Tomi Kankainen.

After embarking on a solo path following decades of playing bass and exploring various genres in local bands, Kankainen’s project blossomed into Confusion Field. The band’s debut, “Disconnection Complete,” emerged in 2021, which delved into the shadowy realms of depression.

Their upcoming second album, “Future Impact of Past Diversions,” which will be hot on the heels of Atom Child, promises a rich tapestry of musical escapism. I don’t know about you, but I’ll jump in any vessel I can take away from our blighted and imbittered social tapestry; their presentation of a progressively interstellar synth and guitar-driven rock opera is the perfect ticket.

Confusion Field’s dynamic fusion of progressive, pop, and metal influences, which harmonises the old with the new and the bright with the heavy, all underscored by a distinctive touch of Nordic melancholy will undoubtedly resonate with a broad spectrum of salvation-seeking alternatively inclined music fans. For your own sake, hit play.

Atom Child was officially released on October 6; stream it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast