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Feeling real good: Minneapolis rapper Cashinova is dripping in confidence on ‘Flawless’

Showing us his flossin’ rap delivery to listeners enthusiastic delight, Cashinova is ‘Flawless‘ on the new CookiezNAliens-produced track taken off the twelve track album ‘High Speed Cash‘.

Minneapolis, Minnesota-based hip-hop emcee Cashinova, spits that lyrically supreme music that shreds down the walls of doubt and pulls you into his world, with mouth-watering bars and charm for days.

He raps with a extra kick in his step as he shows us why things have been going so well lately, his foot on top speed as he takes us for a speedy ride with his quick-fire style. The bouncy beat keeps your head nodding all the way, as you struggle to keep up with his rapid fire, that heats up the mic and burns the hands of anyone not on his level.

The story of a musician feeling like this is his time, the carefully constructed rhymes reflect a confident mood is crashing into break up the lazy rappers fun, as the extra work put in recently is paying of handsomely. With lyrics that show a man on the rise, this is the summer time smash hit that is played in rap fans cars, while cruising to the beach or to the club with the crew.

Flawless‘ from the marvelous Minnesota rapper Cashinova, is the type of hip=hop track that rips a wide hole in your speaker from all the realness, as he flows in with that extra determination that so many say they have, but struggle to even comprehend.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen