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I believe in just one God: Carol Blaze doesn’t ask for much on Sex Drugs Rock And Roll

Carol Blaze Playlist by carol blaze

Rocking our socks off many feet and taking us back to a time so many humans treasure fondly, Carol Blaze sends all minds into a fireball of imagination on the charged-up single to feel reinvigorated by and this is called, Sex Drugs Rock And Roll.

Created by A.T. Vish, Carol Blaze is a massively experienced San Francisco, California-based multi-instrumentalist and psychedelic/goth rock singer-songwriter who is known for unforgettable live performances made for the memory bank.

the former drummer of Pittsburgh, USA’s dream-pop darlings, Lowsunday (Projekt Records), psychedelic monsters, Thickhead Grin, and musical productions of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Without You, both starring Anthony Rapp (of Rent, etc.).” ~ A.T. Vish

Off to Lisbon soon for the summer, Carol Blaze shall heat up many souls with this fiery experience to nod heads with all night as the mosh forms. Avoiding the wartime narratives and sending a shiver down startled spines, this is a rather sturdy single to feel proud of while playing at full volume.

Sex Drugs Rock And Roll from San Francisco, California-based multi-instrumentalist and indie rock singer-songwriter Carol Blaze is one of the most raw tracks anyone shall hear this year. With confidence in spades and a real story to believe in, this is a proper song to feel alive with again.

Hear this electric track on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Me And You: Poppa King Oats is feeling so good as he finds his Beyonce on ‘Fasho’

Swirling with vivid raps that shows his growing intent to reach those dizzy heights that he ultimately desires, Poppa King Oats knows he has his hands full to keep her happy but relishes the challenge on ‘Fasho‘.

Carlos Carela aka Poppa King Oats is an indie trap artist and massive cereal fan. He makes that sing-with-the-moment type of music experience, that has you opening up his book and reading the story with intrigue.

His vocals are strewn with so much confidence and he know where he needs to head to – each note is performed with that extra edge – which shows you he is headed into the correct direction to the promised land. The beat keeps you interested as its mellow vibe is quite familiar and you feel that this is a fun summer track to enjoy heartily.

Fasho‘ from the determined trap artist Poppa King Oats, is a story all about doing that grind that you know you should do, as you reach for those goals that you wish to snatch up gleefully. You see where you need to go and wish that she wouldn’t empty your bank account as often, but you know that you want her to look and feel fantastic. This is a brightly performed track that shows much potential and will stay in your mind for hours, due to the catchy beat.

Hear this audio on YouTube and see more on the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Emmy Law’s ‘Fairyland’ is not just a song you’ll want to hear

For some, assertiveness in expression can cultivate an image of aggression. Emmy Law shows that sounding soft and sweet doesn’t mean you have to be timid. Fairyland is a pop song brimming with confidence and imagination. With big drums and layered vocal approaches, there’s a large space to fill and it’s done so masterfully. The title evokes a level of creativity that the track certainly delivers. Even if this song may not fit your scene, you may find yourself picturing entirely new scenes as you’re lead through the strong, evolving track.

One of the most welcome additions to the song comes in the form of a truly remarkable bridge. The percussion goes from impressively moving to subtle and stylistic about two-thirds through the song. This brings back that classic structure that millions of songs have sought after from the first time an artist listens to the Beatles. While many believe the structure has been done to death, Emmy Law shows that there is still breath in changing your dynamics and doing something different, if only for a moment. Fairyland is not just a song you’ll want to hear, it’s a place you’ll want to be.

-Paul Weyer