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The Calming Energy: Ros Gilman is so peaceful and helps us into a happy place on ‘Autumn Colours’

Taken off his latest 4-track EP called ‘Seasons‘, Ros Gilman carefully opens up the door and has us venturing outside to smell the fresh air we need in our lungs again to replenish that ravenous soul on ‘Autumn Colours‘.

Ros Gilman is a very talented London, UK-based indie classical artist, music producer, former violinist, conductor and award-winning composer.

After being a former Gnessin School of Music student in Moscow in Russia, as well as the University of Music in Munich, Germany, the David Oistrakh-Academy, and the  University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, you feel like you are witnessing a true legend in his prime, who is so skilled at his chosen craft.

Due to a sudden hand injury Ros was forced to give up his promising violin career and thus changed his
professional focus from concert violin to composition and conducting.” ~ Ros Gilman

This is that peaceful track you play when you are outside in the peaceful park, gazing up at the innocent birds that are frolicking joyously with their friends in the beautiful blue sky above, while the lushly green leaves flutter into the breezy wind below. The effortless nature that is on display here is quite brilliant, as you feel your smile beam brightly like a happy squirrel who has just found his formely hidden stash of snacks.

Autumn Colours‘ from the London, UK-based award-winning composer, music producer and classical artist Ros Gilman, is one of those rare outstanding instrumental songs you put on and click repeat all day. There is so much wonderful energy wrapped inside and the style is worldclass, as you close your tired eyes and go in a dreamland which is filled of peace and no worries.

Hear this stunning new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen