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‘Roadblock’ from Brighton band Compliments is a debut dripped in gold

4-piece Brighton band Compliments rock in with their brand new single called ‘Roadblock‘.

Formed in 2020 and brought together by the band Gods as a way of freshening up the music scene. This is all about escapism and that feeling encapsulated 2020 in a nutshell. The feeling of being trapped all inside and looking outside by the window.

Roadblock‘ is a rocking indie-rock soundtrack that needs to be in a Netflix series. There is bite here, an edge to this young UK band. For a new team, they are in-sync like a glove that fits your hand, they are on the right side of time here. They might be the wrong side of the road and clock in this one lyric-wise but their emergence is met with real excitement.

Brighton band Compliments get better and better as the songs gears into the meaty part of the bone. There is lots to feed off here as they bands sound takes over. This is a terrific track that makes me listen again and again. Yes, this song is timeless and deserves lots of love. For a debut release, this is a great day to be alive. Turn this up and forget your worries.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen