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Letting your soul decide: New York’s Complexion of Sound help us forget our worries on ‘Lose Control’ (ft. Ximone & Alpha Moses)

Complexion of Sound bring that electric energy to our hungry ears with unmistakable joy, on the brand new dance explosion for us to immerse our whole bodies in called ‘Lose Control‘ (ft. Ximone & Alpha Moses).

A New York-based artist project lead by CoS, who works with the most innovative East Coast producers, engineers, vocalists, songwriters, graphic designers and videographers in the game. This is that spectacular music to feel uplifted again and to dance all night with the volume on maximum.

With a wondrous fusion of dance-pop, hip hop, house and electronic sonic soundscapes that make you blush with excitement, this is a flourishing mixture of the purest form that dazzles your heart and fills the soul with some much-needed goodness after a rough twelve months.

This is the exuberant story of wanting to be connected with that special person so much as you ask them to come with you on a star-gazing journey to getting that spark back into your life, after this long and stressful lockdown. You see it in their eyes that they want to give you their soul and you are just waiting for the words to come out of their mouth. The fire is there and you just want to them to spark the light, so you can both be brightly woven together forever.

Lose Control‘ (ft. Ximone & Alpha Moses) formulates all that is good with music into one tasty treat for you to snack on with eager enthusiasm. This is a fusion of sounds that are a pleasure on the palate, that has been starved of good music. You imagine listening to this electric music live and swaying into the crowds alignment with like-minded fans, as you dance your worries away.

To let go and love is one thing but you also need that reciprocal energy to transform into your soulmate so that you can both be at one with what you want out of each other. Only then can you be truly happy-as if its only one of you who is fully invested-there are bound to be issues later on.

Stream this electric wonderland on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen