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Come With Me

”Come With Me” is J.Roze at his finest on R&B latest single

J.Roze is a young R&B artist who has just dropped the party banger ”Come With Me” that illuminates that current late night vibe.

Omar Langshaw, formally known as J. Roze is a smooth Indie Pop artist from South Jamaica, New York in the USA. Jamaican culture has fired his passion, love and thirst to learn all about music. From the age of 15, J. Roze’s curiosity to know more about creating music and perfecting his sound led him to find a loyal group of creative artists that showed him how to record and produce music to a high standard. This push to go solo has clearly fired up this young artist to get his name out there and create.

J.Roze has a kind of energy that shines here and I like ”Come With Me”. This is all about the girl that you care for but she doesn’t want to commit just right now. This is a tough experience and you look out for her but she is so carefree and in her own bubble. ”Come With Me” is a fine release from J.Roze.

Stream the new song right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen